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Raw is a term used in the creative field to mean an image which has not been enhanced; it is unfiltered, untouched. These days we are bombarded by porn and by the media with hypersexualised, yet filtered – even censored  – depictions of female sexuality and anatomy.

For example, images in print showing the vulva often need to be edited to remove any external labia. In porn, male ejaculation is expected, yet female ejaculation is fetishized. All of this leads to unrealistic and unauthentic depictions of female sexuality. RAW is Madison Missina’s controversial attempt to combat this.

According to Missina “…when I started filming porn, it was my aim to showcase authentic female pleasure. However with the influence of male directors and producers who are making content for mainly male consumers, eventually authentic female pleasure is lost in lieu of the beautiful fake orgasm. In magazines often my external labia is edited out. This has always concerned me, as when I was a teen, I would compare myself to the girls in the mags and think that I was deformed. I was wrong. The messages that we are giving girls, women and even men are deformed.”

RAW is an educational, unedited look into female sexuality. It is stripped of the male influence; it is created by females for females. All images are raw. Missina is both director and subject; it is her aim to showcase female sexual pleasure in its rawness.

Missina claims “…female sexuality is diverse, it’s fierce; its time we stop filtering it, censoring; it should never be controversial.”

View RAW on display in the Royal Hall of Industries at SEXPO Sydney, and then hear Missina speak about female sexual self esteem in the S.H.A.R.E. seminar room, Saturday May 14 at 8:00PM and Sunday May 15 at midday.


Ask Madison: Beauty Regime

Hi babe how are you? I’m so sorry to bother you but I am messaging you because I honestly think you are the most stunning woman I have ever seen!! And I know you’re a model and all so I was wondering if I could get some of your secrets to looking so fantastic?? I would love to know if you get any beauty procedures done such as laser, facials, and skin therapy of ant sort? I would also love to know what eye cream; night creams cleansers or facial products you use? Also what beauty products you use daily such as hair products, tan, foundation, cosmetics?? Any other ways you keep your skin and hair so amazing?? Also what is the main lipstick and gloss you use?? I always see you wear a really nice pink? I would also love to know what your workout routine is and what do you eat on a typical day and what vitamins you take? Im so sorry for all the questions I just think your amazingly stunning and would love to know your tips thanks heaps babe keep up the work your gorgeous xx


Hello Beautiful!

Thank you for your compliments, I’m very happy to share my routine.

So this is just what works for me. Everybody is different so use what feels right for you. But I think the main thing is to listen to your body. I find that particularly as women we are bombarded with so many messages about diet and weight loss, that well I know I did for years feel pressured into doing more to look good. Since I gave up on trying to create the perfect body and started focusing more on caring and loving the body that I have, Im finding my body is just right. When it came to diet, I used to not let myself eat the foods I loved. When I let go, I went through a transition period of eating the junk (and gaining some weight) then the cravings for that just fell away. As I no longer restrict my food, I find my cravings now are for more natural foods. And because I don’t hold myself to be perfect, if I have a bad day and sleep in my make up, get drunk and pig out well that’s called being human. So I don’t beat myself up over it. But I do find that when I eat crappy foods it does take a few days for my body to get realigned again, its like in a way eating junk food creates the cravings for more junk food.

Also don’t buy into the expensive face creams phenomenon. I have better results with my regime that I create myself than I ever did with the expensive ones. And again I listen to my body, if my face feels dry, I moisterise then exfoliate then moisterise. If my skin feels a little sensitive I lay off the actives.

I also only wear make up when I have to these days. This has helped my skin, and was a big step in me accepting me. My face and skin aren’t perfect but its my face so Im no longer concerned with hiding it everyday under heavy make up.

My lifestyle is vegan/natural based and my main motto is listening to my body. I’m not strict and do have lazy days so this is me about 70% of the time. I make a lot of my products myself. The site where I learned how to do this is skinactives.com A product that they sell that I treat myself to every once in a while is Bio Marine algae, this is awesome as it nourishes my skin and hair, its also the main active in SKII skincare. Buying it in its pure form gives a better result for way less cash. I apply this everywhere I like directly.


I lean Vegan and I listen to my body. So I eat when I’m hungry and until I feel satisfied. All bets are off when I have my period though, if I want to eat that pepperoni pizza and pack of Tim tams I go for it. An average day for me looks like this:


  • Half and avocado on seed bread with olive oil and salt.
  • Coffee with almond milk

Lunch and Dinner (often I only eat one of these meals and I snack whenever I like)

  • Homemade tabouli with quinoa instead of wheat (quinoa is a seed so its high in protein) Hummus, avocado, falafels and bread.
  • Or Red curry vegetables with coconut rice


Nut bars, almonds, fruit, green smoothies (my fav is kale, pear, coconut water and LSA mix) or almond milk banana smoothies, vegetable chips, trail mix.

Sometimes I don’t like the taste of water (usually because I drank too much soft drink the day before so I flavor water with green tea bags, lemon, cucumber or fruit.

I don’t do drugs and I keep drinking alcohol to a minimal level and when I do I drink gin and tonic or vodka sodas.


I walk my dog, or run around the house playing hide and seek with him and my cats. I also sometimes run up the stairs of my apartment building. I always have to carry my groceries in one hit or I have heavy bags to carry so that helps keep me strong. But apart from that I don’t do much. (Oh and I still dance around my room in my underwear).


I listen to my body and I’m biphasic. So I often will wake up naturally at 4 am, I use that time to write and meditate and then go down for a second sleep about 3.30 pm when I can. I always meditate twice a day. I find meditating helps my energy and clarity.



Sunscreen! – I don’t ever go out in the sun, but I still use invisible zinc everyday.

Facials – I use to do them regularly but these days I don’t. Unless I’m stressed.

Botox – Now if I didn’t work in an industry where aging directly related to my pay I wouldn’t use it. But I want to work in my industry for as long as I can so I do. I use Botox when I get lines that remain after my expression has gone. I find that 2 courses of Botox fixes this for about a year or 2 at a time, so whilst I always have Botox in my face, it’s not all areas. Except my lips, I get Botox in my lips to give my top lip a fuller look. And I’m a teeth grinder so I have Botox currently in my masseters, which is fixing that. Less is more with botox, I find that women get more beautiful in there 30s so if you are going to use botox aim to slow aging, not to stop it. I like my face better now that I’m 33 than when I did when I was 23.

I also, thanks to my genes, get sleep lines under my eyes, also now on my décolletage – no Botox or filler will ever fix this. So I use collagen pads – scar away to minimize this. I wear the pads usually over night for a few days in a row and it gets rid of them. I also only sleep on high quality satin or silk pillowcases, this helps my hair and face wrinkles. And sleep on a cool latex pillow which means that my pillow doesn’t get hot, so my face and hair don’t crease as much.

I remove make up using Garneir Micellar water, or coconut oil for waterproof make up. Then cleanse with simple products such as cetaphil.

For exfoliation I make my own body scrubs using salt and coconut oil and I use the exfoliation gloves. I also add in Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) I buy this on eBay I mix into a full body scrub about a teaspoon or two. The ascorbic acid helps with stretch marks and skin brightening. I apply the body scrub to wet skin. Rub it in for about 4-5 minutes then rinse off.

Face exfoliation – I alternate between glycolic acid and vitamin A (retrieve from the GP) every other day.

For skin brightening I make a vitamin C tincture. Vitamin C is a very unstable molecule, which means that most vitamin C creams on the market have to include a ton of preservatives, which I don’t like putting on my skin (plus they are expensive). So I use the ascorbic acid from eBay, I mix about ¼ of a teaspoon with water and apply it my face. Leave it for 20 minutes (vitamin C is only active for 20 minutes) then rinse off the residue. I will do this prior to special events and shoots.

I also swear by oxygen facials for special occasions when I can. They plump up your skin for the night but you need to get it on the day of the event.

Pimples – I use DUAC it’s a script from the doctor. This is an antibiotic and peroxide cream; I apply it directly to pimples when I get them.

*Don’t use DUAC and vitamin A together as they both deactivate each other. Also use Vitamin A and glycolic acid at night and vitamin C in the morning (20 minutes before sunscreen). Also when adding actives to your skin take it slow. Try glycolic acid first just a little a few days apart, then build from there. Then add in vitamin A taking it slow and backing off if your skin gets irritated. Always go slow and be kind to your skin. I’ve been using this regime now for 5 years so Im a veteran but I took it really slow at the start.

Moisteriser – I use simple products again here, whatever is cheap from my chemist. I supplement with coconut and vitamin E oils. I also use rosehip oil sometimes. At the moment I’m using Lavender creams I bought from a lavender farm (lavender is my favourite fragrance). For body moisteriser I use coconut oil, but when I’m wearing spray tan I use the Tuscan tan extender as coconut oil removes the tan).

My bill for a whole year of skincare is less than $200. (minus the botox)



I also use coconut oil in my hair. Along with redkin butter cream and all soft products. But I keep washing my hair to once a week when I can. And I live in braids to help with styling it without using heat. (With shoots my hair gets ruined so I treat it well). With heat styling I always use heat protectant, I’m using Frizzproof right now.

Hair removal – I shave even my intimate areas, I’m also way prone to getting shaving rash here. To combat this I use nappy rash cream like bepanthan after I shave.


Make up

I used to use MAC face and body. It’s a really light minimal coverage but if you heat it by rubbing it in your hands before applying to your face it becomes a medium coverage. But then I discovered they test on animals so I wont be buying that anymore. The make up brands I buy from these days are Illamasqua and Inglot.

My key beauty trick I use for my shoot make up is to use gel eyeliner as eye shadow. I use this to create smoky eyes in 5 minutes flat. Just apply the gel liner where you want the dark shadow, then blend with an eye shadow blending brush. I always do this for Sexpo as my make up lasts for 15 plus hours. For sexpos I also set my make up with hair spray.

I also ignore what make up says its used for. So I will eye shadows for loads – I make my own glosses/lipsticks by mixing it with lip balm, I add it to foundation to create cream contour, Ill use lipsticks as cream eye shadows, eyeliner as lip pencils. This is a bit controversial but Ill use silicon lube as an under eye cream under my make up occasionally, it fills in the lines so the make up doesn’t cake. I also use gloss as eye shadow sometimes.

Lips – I’m blessed to have natural dark rose lips, so I usually just use clear gloss or coconut oil. For shoots Ill tint them with Dior lip-glosses or Ill mix eye shadows with coconut oil. My lips however don’t seem to hold lipstick. So I don’t wear any.

Tans – I get spray tanned with Tuscan Tan.

Teeth whitening – I make a paste using peroxide and bicarb soda, apply it to my teeth leave for 5 minutes. I do this when I feel I need it about once a month.



Standing up to Bullies


So it’s been some time since I stood up to the people who were bullying me.

There’s been a mixed response. People from outside the industry have applauded me, I’ve received so many emails, I haven’t written back to all of you yet, but I will.

The thing with bullying is that we seem to have a cultural norm of just ignore the bullying. We seem to believe that if victims stand up for themselves they too are bullies. Then we end up with a situation where the loud minority make noise, and the majority just stay silent so as not the fuel the drama and then we have the victim who slowly dies.

Bullying in the sex industry is not a new thing. I know that everyone in the sex industry has seen it. How many times do we hear?

“She does anal for free”

“She steals clients”

“She’s sleeping with the boss”

“She gives blowjobs in private dances”

All of that is gossip fuelled from insecurity and professional jealousy. It grows and spreads until people who have never even met the victim, believe they need to stay away from the victim or believe that they too need to spread the toxic gossip to warn other girls to stay away from the “so called popular girl”.

And I want to do all I can to influence the industry in any way possible because I would very much like to be the last victim of lateral violence.

When I stood up, I posted evidence of how people from within our industry have tried to use the fact that I’m a sex worker to have me evicted from my home, they’ve had me deported from the states. They have used gossip to try to silence me and to try to isolate me from supports within the industry that are there to keep us all safe. They have threatened my friends, because if you’re seen to support me then my friends, will also be cut off from our community.

The intention of the Facebook ugly mug group and sex worker support group is that it is a safe space for sex workers. The intention of every sex worker event is that it is a safe space for sex workers.

If all sex workers aren’t welcome, if all sex workers aren’t safe in these safe spaces. If these spaces involve gossip, mocking, threats against sex workers, they are not sex worker safe spaces. And the truly sad part is that the sex workers who moderate these spaces are also working with the sex worker peer organisations. Which then makes sex worker organisations not sex worker safe spaces.

The sex worker organisations have remained distant and silent about lateral violence in the community. I’ve had 2 members of a sex worker organisation say to me, “Madison just don’t listen to the bullies”.

My response to them is I did that. I did that for 16 months. And in that 16 months I endured 4 recorded cyber attacks from the industry. I comforted my friends on numerous more occasions telling them to stay silent and to not defend me. Telling them to not make themselves targets. I became very thoughtful about what I was writing and putting on the Internet so as not set off my bullies. It’s amazing the amount of victim shaming you receive when you’re a victim of bullying.

A sex worker activist this week said that its ok for me to play the victim card, but you know it takes away from actual victims….?

Actual victims?

If people don’t seek to create change, if they don’t act to stop a cycle of bullying, if there is no antagonistic push back against the dynamic, the cycle will continue. There will be more victims. I nearly ended my life due to the bullying, there is no guarantee that the next sex worker to endure the bullying will survive. Do we need to see a sex worker suicide due to bullying for us all to wake up?

Do we want to light a candle next year on the international day to end violence against sex workers for a sex worker who we as an industry mocked, defamed, and isolated to the point where their world became so dark and alone that they lost hope and ended their life?

Or are we going to create change now?

I know what I choose, but I’m one sex worker, who has been deemed to not belong in the community. Who has been cut off from the industry supports that were built to protect me, to protect us all.

So what’s the way forward? This isn’t about picking sides, if you’re in the sex industry, you’ll see there is no team Madison, that’s because I don’t want a team. This isn’t about who did what to who, this isn’t about lets punish people.

What I want to see is an end to bullying. I’m fighting and campaigning against a behavioural dynamic that we are all creating.

I believe every single sex workers life matters, yes even my main perpetrators. I don’t want to see them attacked, or isolated despite what they’ve done to me.

I want to see actual sex worker safe spaces.

I want to see an end to us using words to harm sex workers.

I want to see an end to the belief in the industry that any sex worker can be kicked out of the community.

We don’t have to like each other; we don’t all have to be friends. But we are all sex workers, and therefore we are all part of the sex worker community, we deserve the same rights and supports as every other sex worker.

No sex worker should ever have to justify their belonging in our community. And no sex worker regardless of what board they sit on should ever isolate or exclude another sex worker for any reason.

We are all fighting for equal human rights within society. Why do we not promote these same values within our industry?

What happened next..

Its been 48 hours since I posted evidence publically showing how two of my exs Romeo and Ryan James have joined together in an attempt to smear my name to the adult industry. I posted this information because the repetitive vicious cyber attacks where getting worse, impacting on my reputation and I saw no signs that they would cease. As I mentioned in my last post this was last card to play, Ive sat by silently in the hope that all this would die down, but it didn’t.

Its also become uncomfortable for me to attend public events where sex workers are present as I get glares, occasional bad remarks and approached due to these issues.

In my post I spoke about the impact that the repetitive cyber attacks were having on me leading me to be fearful, experiencing depression and becoming suicidal. And I asked that they stop.

On 23 January 2015, my solicitor sent both Ryan James and Romeo letters advising them both that their behaviour towards me was of intimidating and harassing nature, and that they needed to cease all behaviour towards me.

That didn’t stop them, as I showed in my last post they both were involved in continued cyber attacks.

That evening I was once again contacted by anonymous sex workers who are concerned about what is happening in the industry towards me. I asked that they send me through anything which appears to be a threat to my or their safety. I was provided with the following.

This comes from a facebook group, which the sex worker organisations have access to, it is a group set up for sex workers to share safety information with eachother which we in the industry call the Ugly Mug group.

Ryan James started a conversation about me.


Exes generally say bad things about their exes, so I wasn’t too surprised to see that Ryan is continuing with this, however I question why after so many of my attempts for this to cease he continues. But the conversation took a turn for the worst.


On this night, wednesday 9th December 2015 I also received a text message from Romeo informing me that “you have 24 hours”.


Intially Ive perceived this a threat to my life, not so much that I would be murdered, but more so that they would turn the pressure up so much that I would just crack.

Eva turned to twitter to say that it was all a joke about me digging my own hole. But this is just the point. Its frightening knowing that my address, my privacy is has been passed onto people in the industry. And whilst to people like Eva, who Ive never met, infact I know very little about her, it may be some drama that is exciting and fun to gossip about. Sitting her being the one that all this is happening to, not knowing what is going to happen next, after trying everything that I know to just have my exes leave me alone, its frightening.

The other issue that I want to publish is the pressuring and threats that some sex workers are now directing to the anonymous sex workers who are working to try to keep me safe and who are too scared to speak up.



This is a direct example of bullying within the industry. Sex Workers are frightened to speak up against the bullies. Even to confront the sex workers in these groups, as the bullies will, as you see here, turn on them like they have on me. This post has been screen captured from the Ugly Mug group of which Im not allowed access to. This list exists for the sharing of safety information for all sex workers. The very threat that a sex worker can be cut off from safety information, thus making their working environment more dangerous is lateral violence.

I know that my opinion may not mean much within the industry right now, but I believe that all active, verified sex workers have a right to the information that is directly related to keeping them safe.That the ugly mug groups should be free from bullying, alliances and collusion plans.

I believe that it is a responsibility of the sex worker organisations to now take action to stop the lateral violence, to investigate the workers and board members who are working with the organisations, but are contributing to the lateral violence, not only in these groups but online via their personal social media accounts.

This thursday the 17th December is the international day to end violence towards sex workers. We have no sex work community, there is no common unity amongst us, their are alliances, theirs the vocal loud sex workers who appear to be running the show who are threatening and pressuring the opposing force to remain silent, thats intra-industry oppression and sex workers inciting violence against sex workers. This all must end now. Its gotten out of hand, its harmful, its criminal.

Im going to finish with the evidence of my industries response to my coming forward of the harassment, smear campaign and bullying that I have received which has been fuelled by my exs. Please note that someone within the industry has now also set a parody account on twitter @Madison_Missina this account has nothing to do with me, and is just further evidence of the harassment that I am being subjected to.


18 Months

Recently Stoya came out with allegations of rape against James Deen. This also coincided with the Sydney event of “coming out like a Pornstar” which I attended and listened to stories of how sex work stigma impacts our lives. Which was incredibly triggering for me as over the past 18 months I have personally endured the worst case of someone using sex work stigma to harm me.

Last night I had had enough of the smear campaign that I’ve been subjected to and posted a stat dec of a false rape collusion. This morning I removed it, because that one piece of evidence without context makes it look like Lucie Bee is my main aggressor, this is incorrect. Whilst she has played a role in perpetuating the smear campaign so have Ryan James and Bella Maree. But my instincts are telling me that Lucie, Ryan and Bella have perhaps been unknowing victims in all this. I feel that we’ve all been used and pitted against each other. And its time for me to finally speak up with evidence. So please as your reading the details of the events and the evidence because these performers are included please refrain from judging harshly. I’m not saying that the role that they have played is right, but more so I think that we are all guilty of being blind sighted and acting in not the best ways. Its unfortunate how one person can turn the industry against each other.


What I am talking about is nearly 18 months of online bullying, real life harassment and threats. Which is all directly related to Romeo who used to work for Popporn. And was assisted by the actions of Ryan James, Lucie Bee and Bella Maree, which then led to an industry backlash against me (lateral violence).


As anyone who has been the victim of character assassination or smear campaigns and harassment would know, the past eighteen months have been possibly the worst of my life. Trying to find the right way to stand up for yourself, trying not to cause harm all gets muddled. It’s also a time of significant psychological distress. Over the past 18 months I have been crippled with depression, I developed social anxiety, which led to me refusing to leave my house for weeks at a time. I turned to abusing substances to cope, which with coupled with the fact that I have been suicidal the majority of the time led to me making an attempt to end my life in January 2015.


Because I am the type of person to shy away from direct and public confrontation over the past 18 months I have tried to resolve these issues through reconciliation and mediation. I have tried resolving the issues of miscommunication between Lucie Bee and I through mediation, which she initially agreed to in October 2014, however unfortunately never agreed on a date and she continued with public libel. I have written to Bella Maree in January 2015, asking her to stop helping my ex Romeo harm me. I have sent legal letters to both Romeo and Ryan James again in January 2015 where they were instructed by my lawyer to cease their behaviour towards me.

I have also attempted to curb the gossip and false accusations by posting blog posts alerting people that I was under attack and that claims were false, and educating the community on lateral violence.

All these attempts to end this were unsuccessful and the campaign against me continued. As the violence by way on online bullying due to the success of the smear campaign has continued, and I’m not seeing an end in sight to the attacks. I’ve made the very heavy decision to play my last card, which is to come out with all the evidence of my lived experience.

I have been scared of speaking out, despite the evidence that I hold. But I can’t leave in fear and regardless of what is to happen to me. I cant live not even one more day without telling my story.


I’m going to keep this as factual as possible and only refer to events which I have evidence of.


Ryan James and I ended our relationship in December 2013.


In February 2014, I was sought out by Lucie Bee for assistance with an issue she was having involving porn and coercion. This is the stat dec from a person who witnessed the events.


lucie allegations


As it involved Ryan I referred Lucie to speak to Romeo from Popporn. Popporn decided in support of Lucie, to not work with Ryan. A short while afterwards witnessing the friendship between Lucie and Ryan, I realised something wasn’t right. I implored Popporn, albeit unsuccessfully to overturn their decision and I informed Ryan.


This is an email sent from Romeo to, at the time an unknown potential performer, Summer Knight on 21 March 2014. He lists Lucie Bee, Anne Melbourne, Ryan James and Havik as all being blacklisted.

romeo black list email


I want to address the allegation that I fabricate poor sexual health to harm performers careers in the porn industry. There was an incident in July 2013 where a performer I was cast opposite with engaged in unprotected casual sex in his personal life and at SEXPO, shortly before my scene with him. This performer had already had warnings about poor sexual health, which at the time I did not know about. This situation became apparent to the owner of Popporn who made the decision to not hire him again. It is producers not pornstars that determine who they will shoot.

Around this time I was working on an industry project, which was attempting to standardise industry sexual health standards, including testing and shoot lock down protocol, as this was at a time where performers were not supported by a number of producers to use condoms during scenes.

Performers did not react well to the introduction of shoot lock down, and did not want to disclose their recent sexual history to their co-stars. We saw stop shoots occur, which impacted on producers being able to get content and hurt performers financially.

Knowing that if performers could just be empowered to choose how they wanted to protect their sexual health and to fight the industry norm that condoms cannot be used on set (and a few other issues involving good sexual health role modelling in porn). I began my public protest to only shoot porn where I use condoms. I’m happy to say that I’m now seeing condom use across most porn companies in Australia.

There is absolutely no reason for any of the above stars named to be black listed. Even if a porn performer has a slip up, or tests positive, it should be dealt with by treatment and when the performer retests negative they should be allowed to work. This information should also be treated confidentially by the producers, not passed onto aspiring porn performers.

Around this time February – May 10th 2014, I was also having a casual rebound fling with Romeo. Whilst initially the relationship was happy and consensual, this changed. One example is how I was pressured by Romeo to let him film our sex for him to upload to the internet, which I refused causing friction. So I began trying to end my relationship with him. I was threatened that if I ended the relationship he would breach my privacy and ruin my career. I’m not going to go into detail here but I was fearful enough that I contacted the owner of Popporn about these threats and my growing fear on 28 April 2014. We worked on an exit strategy. When I did end the relationship I was subjected to verbal abuse and more serious threats, which I documented in an email to the owner of Popporn on 11 May 2014.

sex harassment

At this time Popporn and I had just finished shooting BLONDE. BLONDE was created as an equal partnership between Popporn and me with the conditions and finances set out in a contract. When the contract was not adhered to I sought legal recourse. Unfortunately due to Australia’s porn laws, its murky but we are virtually criminalised, I was informed that I legally could not pursue a case against Popporn; basically it was my fault for being in the porn industry in Australia.

In an attempt to save BLONDE, I tried to reconcile with Popporn. However shortly after this I was pursued by Romeo to once again have a personal relationship with him. When I notified him by email on 10 July, 2014 that I was seeking only a professional relationship with him, things deteriorated again.

my decision

Around this time Romeo rekindled a friendship with Ryan James and Lucie Bee.

In August, 2014 whilst I was at SEXPO, I was subjected to libel from a troll account and Romeo. On the Sunday, Romeo and Ryan James together attended SEXPO and would loiter around my stall. At one point Ryan stood a metre away from me for some time. His presence made me uncomfortable. I notified the stall owner, my photographer and a friend. Ryan was asked to leave.



The following week Romeo and Ryan submitted joint complaints to SWOP calling for me to fired. The complaints included the February situation between Lucie Bee and I.

Not wanting to rehash the situation and being aware that that year was fuelled with drama leading to possible miscommunications, I decided to approach Lucie directly to try to put the miscommunication behind us. See the following texts.




The next day I was informed by SWOP that Lucie Bee had called and was supporting Ryan James and Romeo, in the accusation that I had fabricated the events and was harming sex workers careers through false rape allegations.

At the same time, Romeo published my partial address in a porn scene on popporn’s website.

21 August, 2014 after flying to the US, I was detained, questioned and deported due to an anonymous tip off that I was a sex worker. I now have a 10 year ban from entering the USA, which doesn’t start until I retire from sex work.

Shortly after I arrived home, there was another incident involving rape allegations towards people close to me. I decided then that if the people who were against me wanted to see me walk away from SWOP then I would do that. So I resigned. What I hoped was that this would end the harassment and cyber attacks.

It didn’t.

In December 2014, the owner of Popporn who wanted to make amends contacted me. And notified me that he removed the offending party from Popporn on December 14, 2014.

In January 2015 I was provided this email exchange between Bella Maree and Romeo where they colluded in an act of fraud in an attempt to use sex work stigma to have me evicted from my home.


email to RS crop


At the same time I was curating a social media account and speaking about the impact of social media bullying and ways to deal with it in a positive light. Simultaneously I was being bullied on social media.



As you see the malicious gossip and rumours had spread in the industry, to people whom I’ve never met or had any dealings with.

These resulted in a break down and attempt to take my own life.

After my attempt my focus turned to my health. I focused on non-violent activism, I tried to not focus on the darkness and to keep everything high vibe.

I also contacted Bella Maree to ask her to please stop assisting Romeo to harm me.

bella response

But the cyber attacks never really ceased. This time from anonymous trolling accounts.


In July 2015, Popporn was finally able to publish this public statement in attempt to repair some of the damage the smear campaign of the previous year had caused.


I was again attacked on social media in June and July 2015.


Which then carried on to August, 2015.



On 22 September 2015, Romeo began uploading porn to porn hub. Included was BLONDE of which is an absolute contract breach and without my consent. (pornhub.com/users/romeodymondz).



At Melbourne Sexpo, on friday 6th November 2015, Ryan James after being advised to not approach me or my stall at Sexpo entered my stall.After a brief altercation he left.

Most recently I was anonymously provided with screenshots taken from a Facebook group where a member of SWOP, Lucie Bee and other sex workers were gossiping and mocking 2 clients and me. These screenshots contain sex workers legal names and clients full names so I will refrain from publishing this information. But I do hold it as evidence if needed.

Right now on social media we can see the extent of the smear campaign. I am being called a bully, a liar. By so many people I cannot count. I alone as one woman is standing up publically against my ex Romeo and the people he has recruited to attack me, Lucie Bee, Ryan James and Bella Maree.

What is happening on twitter right now, which happened in August, July and January of 2015 plus many other times in 2014 is bullying. Its repetitive cyber attacks by groups of people towards me.

And what is my crime?

I walked away from a relationship with a man.

What has happened is not ok. It’s not ok for a man to punish a woman for not wanting to be in relationship with them. It’s not ok for people in the industry to use sex work stigma or sexual health stigma against their peers. It’s not ok that I have had to read about myself from absolute strangers and that members of sex worker organisations have spoken defiantly against me. Its not ok that my contract for BLONDE was breached and the victim shaming that I have had to endure from within the porn industry, that I deserved all the above as I slept with a director.

This is not OK.


18 months is a long time to live through this. The mob mentality, the cyber attacks, the spreading of false allegations against me, against anyone just needs to stop. Cyber bullying is harmful, I know this because I live it, I shouldn’t have to be dealing with depression, living in fear, having panic attacks and fighting off suicidal thoughts.

Im moving on with my life now, I would appreciate it if everyone could move on with theirs.

No one deserves what I have lived through.







Madison Missina, scholar & 2013 Porn Performer of the Year, will produce and direct Australia’s first ever feature porn film which depicts safe sex.


The goal of the film is to increase safe sex behaviour. To support this initiative, Madison is launching a #SafeSexisSexy social campaign. The campaign aims to influence public perception through the promotion of sexual health information. The campaign will promote all information on safe sex including best practice safe sex, risks of performing oral without condoms, testing and early detection.


The #SafeSexisSexy campaign will not only be promoted via social media, but will also be targeting main stream media outlets to promote safe sex and increase awareness the significant rise in STI’s and HIV in Australia.


Reason for the #SafeSexisSexy Campaign


According to the 2013 Sexually transmissible and blood borne infections surveillance report by the Kirby Institute, in 2012 HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia have all increased especially within the age groups of 15-30 years. The most alarming statistics are that we haven’t seen as many new cases of HIV for 20 years. And Gonorrhea has tripled over the last 3 years.




In 2009 the government released STI.org.au in an attempt to help the rising STI and HIV rates amongst young people. Their research showed that:


60% of respondents did not use condoms the last time they had sex and 40% of them do not carry condoms.





Bio of Madison


Founder of the campaign, Madison Missina, is not only the 2013 Porn Performer of the Year (Eros Shine Awards), but is also a scholar and was nominated for the Best Sex Educator of the Year in 2012.


Madison holds a Bachelor of Applied Social Science she completed her degree by doing sex work research and sex therapy training with Impotence Australia. Madison is also an Australian nationally accredited Mediator and Conciliator.


Madison’s qualifications and experience has lead her to hold a place on the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) transition committee which will become the SWOP Board in July 2014. SWOP advocates for the rights of sex workers in NSW as well as provided services, education and support. Madison has feature in information videos educating sex workers on safe sex practices and boundary negotiations with clients.


Madison decided to move into porn in October 2012 with the intention of filming ethical porn and demonstrating proper sexual technique in Porn. What she found was the opportunity to assist the industry in improving its sexual health practices, as it was unregulated.


Madison then started an industry project with the working title The Australian Adult Industry Network (AAIN). AAIN’s purpose was to standardize sexual health testing and develop performer protocol around best practice safe sex outside of porn. In her work with AAIN Madison worked with Doctors from the Department of Health, some of Australia’s most respected porn companies and of course Australian Performers.


Then Madison started receiving emails from students high school students asking about the porn industry manages sexual health. She then started being contacted by young people asking about the porn industry. Making comments about promiscuity and lack of condom use in reference to the image of her costars social media accounts.


By January 2014 Madison realized that young people were looking at the Australian porn industry and her as indicators of sexual behavior. Madison researched Australian STIs and HIV new diagnoses and saw that they are rising amongst people aged 15-30. She saw an opportunity to promote safe sex, and developed the #SafeSexisSexy campaign.


Our fight is against bad policy and the people trying to take away our rights. Not each other.

So I had a bit of a weird evening. I’m hanging out planning and celebrating but my phone was blowing up with messages from industry ladies all really upset about our industry tearing shreds at each other.

And now with over 14 years in the industry I’m certainly used to the ebbs and flows of our dynamic. I always notice that during our quiet times like now for instance we see more bullying. In times where we seem to get hammered by media or under threat of losing our rights we seem to take it out on each other. This too is happening, plus well every whore that’s ever worked in a brothel long enough knows to lay low during the full moon, so I really thought nothing of it.

But then I had clients contacting me telling me it just seems to be tall poppy syndrome so I’m doing good. So I thought I better go investigate.

And I found what everyone was talking to me about.

So yesterday our infamous sex industry solicitor on twitter @Kateonthego owner of KVA Legal found a photo meme that I used in the #FacesOfProstitution protest. What followed were a series of defamatory and mocking tweets. Now I suppose I didn’t think when I made that photo that Kate would assume that it was about her. As Kate and I both know that she has never represented me. But what I didn’t perhaps realise is that maybe there is an assumption in our industry that Kate is our only sex industry solicitor so perhaps maybe that photo trod on her toes.

IMG_8710 IMG_8715 IMG_8716 IMG_8720 IMG_8719 IMG_8723 IMG_8727 IMG_8722 IMG_8724 IMG_8728 IMG_8729 IMG_8757 IMG_8746 IMG_8726 IMG_8759


So whilst I would normally just ignore a case of twitter defamation, because at the end of the day twitter rants really don’t impact anything. I really wanted to clear the air on this one.

So whilst yes, Kate is a sex worker friendly solicitor she is not our only one. The SWOP sex worker friendly solicitor is also female, she’s not on twitter and wonderful, I met her last year I highly recommend her. I’m aware that Scarlet Alliance would also have contacts for sex worker friendly solicitors as does the Eros Association. Actually there are quite a few.

And I get that its public that last year I was pursuing legal action. But never for being outed. Because it’s pretty clear I’ve been out for quite a while. In fact longer than Kate has been in her practice for.

So I hope that clears the air.

But also some confusion, why if I was concerned about being outed would I put my face on the internet? Now this one actually made me laugh. It does seem like a complete lunacy to be on one hand frightened of being outed whilst on the other hand being so out even you cant keep up with your public presence.

So let me tell you the story about that image. In the protest I was obviously focusing on making short impact statements, but if you go back and look at my feed from when that image was released I did tell briefly the story of how I was outed.

In 2008, when I graduated from my first degree I got myself a day job. I was so excited to be able to dress up in corporate clothes for exactly the first week, before I realised that the corporate uniform whilst more fancy than my old brothel clothes was still just a uniform.

At this time I also though maybe I should attempt the very scary jump of being a brothel girl to a private girl. So I got pics taken, carefully made sure that my face was blurred and went about setting up my first private business. And that was a success for about 3 weeks.

Now I was young and trusting and I used one of those make your website for free things. And I got hacked by a stalker.

My stalker got into everything, my emails, my site; he changed my number on everything. Basically killed my business.

Oh well I still had my day job. Ill pick myself up. Well wrong. What followed was 9 months of privacy breaches. I was outed as a sex worker to everyone in my office. My stalker sent my co-workers naked photos of me. I had to stop going to my favourite hairdresser as he always seemed to time his attacks to when Id get my hair done.

I went to a solicitor about it. And she said well, I was a sex worker…

It was horrible. In that 9 months I lost most of my friends, I was never allowed back in my in-laws house again.

I was depressed, I was suicidal, and I couldn’t cope. I removed my extensions, I stopped wearing make up, I got fat. It was horrible.

So I took some time. Got married, tried to have a baby, that didn’t work. Got divorced. And boy I hated life. Let me be honest, at this point in my life I was not a nice person. I was angry and I hated everything.

And then it occurred to me. My stalker had given me a gift. My stalker paved the way for me to embrace who I really was. He removed everyone from my life that could never accept me. And yep my circle was small but it was awesome.

So I lost the weight, bought new make up, bleached my hair, got my extensions back and decided that I was holding back anymore.

So I created Madison Missina. She took me about 4 months to create behind the scenes, in terms of business plans, marketing, photos. And she was launched mid October 2012, exactly 4 years after I was outed.

So this is also a little bit about why fighting sex work stigma is so important to me. This is why I get upset when I’m called privileged or people think I’ve lived some fairy-tale sex work story.

In fact everything that I passionately advocate for comes from a personal experience in my life.

It’s my coping strategy.

I figured I could sit around and feel victimised or I could get up and do something to hopefully make a difference.

And let me sincerely tell you, Madison Missina will be 3 years old this October. And she’s been my platform to help me make my dreams come true. And without my stalker I would never have had to guts to create her. So I’m grateful.

So hopefully by now we are starting to see that I look at the world from a different perspective.

Now Id like to address Kate’s rant on twitter.

We all have human moments. I get that it would be incredibly offensive to feel that perhaps someone had made a meme about you. So I get why she lashed out. I don’t believe we necessarily have to publically sling mud at each other to resolve conflict but I’m learning that us sex workers especially the ones of our community who are activists like to get pretty fiery.

I want to tell you all how hard it gets to be in constant combat with the antis. How slowly their insults about our existence and how they try to victimise us whilst also trying to rescue us from our free choice. It’s a mindfuck.

And today Kate was in combat mode. And perhaps felt that I wasn’t supportive of her. Or maybe that I was even against her.

So I want to tell you about what Kate does that’s awesome for our industry. Kate writes these amazing blogs about our laws. She thinks of the crazy little things that most of us don’t, like consumer protection I believe. Her input in terms of her blog and the information source she is building there truly has the ability to push our industry to become more professional.

And boy can she write. She’s blunt and straight to the point and I certainly hope that she’s writing submissions to our bloody government right now, because they would be brilliant.

So thank you Kate for bringing this up tonight on twitter, I hadn’t yet thought to tell that story yet and its one of my favourites from my crazy life. And I’m sorry you thought it was directed at you. I’ve learnt my lesson to think about how my words could be viewed from even more perspectives.

Our fight is against bad policy and the people trying to take away our rights. Not each other.